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Hyper-Personalization Tech

The recordings, pictures, and greeting pages you make in Vumu change in light of who’s seeing them.

Distributed storage For Recordings

Store your recordings without stressing over anything with our gave stockpiling.

Instant Layouts

Many layouts for pictures, points of arrival, and recordings.

Customized Pictures

You can add customized pictures for each possibility to get more reactions.

Customized Presentation pages

Make customized presentation pages for each possibility to cause them to feel unique.

Customized Recordings

Vumu empowers you to catch and record customized video messages

1000s of Joining Choices

Associate a huge number of utilizations with Zapier to import contacts.

Chrome Augmentation

Effectively record and offer recordings for your possibilities utilizing Vumu’s augmentation.

Business Permit Included

Assist your clients book more gatherings with their clients utilizing this innovation.

This is the thing Ben needs to say regarding this innovation.
Ben purchased Vumu and booked 2 gatherings with Fortune 1000 in only 5 days… Indeed, that is a genuine story…
Without utilizing any of the exhausted, average client-getting techniques like:

Cold pitching

Building a “major name” or a brand

Spending a little fortune on promotions

Spamming your possibilities’ DMs on friendly stages

Gathering a huge rundown of possibilities and besieging them with messy virus messages!

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No Month to month Expenses Office Privileges Included Today As it were

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20-30 Gatherings With Pre-sold Clients And 90-95% Show up rates… Truly??
This Is The very thing You Want To Do All things considered.
Behind the Scenes Psychology in Action:

Messages, points of arrival, and recordings you make in Vumu consistently take your possibility by the hand, making him anxious to make those microtransactions with you.

That is the reason, with prospecting efforts you make in Vumu, something like 90%-95% of your possibilities appear at the gatherings they’ve booked.

That is likewise why when they truly do appear, they are now half-sold on your administrations…

Genuine Logical Motivation behind WHY VUMU Missions Generally WORK AND GET UP TO 90% Answer RATE FROM Possibilities:

It’s a science Reality:

At the point when a human is presented to something NEW that they haven’t seen previously – their body makes an impression on the mind and it immediately LIGHTS UP.

It’s something very similar with your possibility’s mind. It just responds and focuses on things that they haven’t seen previously…

On the off chance that you approach them in a manner they’ve not seen previously – they focus.

Going against the norm, when your possibilities see similar deals y contributes their inbox, their mind doesn’t respond… and the greater part of these messages get erased.

Vumu is at its best here.

It’s so exceptional – no possibility has at any point seen something to that effect. This impact in a flash makes a tingle in your possibility to answer…

The fact is – except if you’re a laid out BRAND in your specialty, most client-hunting techniques won’t work for you.

The explanation is straightforward: they’re so out there.

In any case, presently interestingly:

Regardless of your level of experience, you can launch your first Vumu campaign in as little as an hour and begin filling your calendar with pre-sold prospects. Hey, this is Neil Napier.
In the realm of deals, separating yourself from the competition can be extreme. Be that as it may, with the force of customized recordings, pictures, and points of arrival, you can undoubtedly stick out and dazzle likely clients.

Not in the least does this innovation exhibit your amazing skill, yet it additionally shows your obligation to offering first rate assistance.

You can connect with your prospects on a deeper level and demonstrate to them that you truly comprehend their requirements by sending personalized videos rather than generic messages.

By taking advantage of this creative innovation, you’ll surrender yourself a leg in the high speed universe of deals.

Transform Your Effort Into “Influence Bomb”
What’s more, Get Up to 90% Answers:


Vumu is a pristine irrational way to deal with landing clients. The application permits you to make hyper-customized, dynamic pictures, greeting pages, and recordings in a couple of basic snaps.

The pictures, greeting pages, and recordings you make in Vumu change in light of who’s seeing them.

They change to match your possibility’s very own qualities (first name, last name, organization name, organization logo, or some other data you have about your possibility.)

This degree of hyper-personalization eliminates the “cold” out of prospecting messages and DMs.

Since every one of your possibilities thinks the pictures, recordings, and points of arrival you share with them are fabricated explicitly for them.

It permits Vumu clients to get up to a 100 percent answer rate
from their prospecting messages sent by means of
email or online entertainment.

Computerized specialist organizations frequently use Vumu to send hyper-customized messages to only 10 possibilities… secure 7-8 gatherings, pitch their administrations, and finish everything with 3 arrangements… all around the same time.
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Watch Vumu In real life:
How Does Vumu Function?
Vumu permits you to make many hyper-customized prospecting pictures, greeting pages, and recordings in a couple of straightforward snaps.

The recipient’s personal characteristics influence the three assets you create in Vumu.

Allow me to show you how it functions:
Investigate this picture

Suppose you maintain that this specific picture should highlight your possibility’s most memorable name. In actuality, it can incorporate any characteristic you need – organization name, organization logo, the name of his canine, anything data you have and need to utilize.

However, for effortlessness, how about we go with the principal name.

Further, suppose you remember this picture for your email and send it to 2 possibilities.

Their names are ‘Imprint’ and ‘Jane’.

So… Imprint, will see this picture:

For Jane, the picture will show along these lines:

You could send this picture to huge number of possibilities

What’s more, for every one of them, the picture would highlight their most memorable name or anything that characteristic you’ve included.

Here are a few of the thousands of personalized images that one of our early customers, Deon, created in a matter of minutes for thousands of his prospects. Does this represent something that your prospect has never seen before?

Odds are really high – it is.

Might a possibility at any point oppose tapping on this picture?

More often than not – he can’t.

However, we should press on and investigate the…
Presentation pages!
The greeting pages work likewise to dynamic pictures. In the first place, you determine what ascribes you need to be shown on the point of arrival. It takes under a moment to do.

Once more – it tends to be anything: area, organization name, first name, last name, organization logo, subtleties from their own lives… ANY Data YOU HAVE.

For instance, suppose you’ve set up the presentation page so it shows your possibility’s most memorable name, the name of the organization, the organization’s area, site, and logo.

It would look something like this:

What’s more, suppose, Jane, from the past model, runs an organization, “Fun Gadgets Inc” in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the very thing she’ll see once she taps on the customized picture from the email or DM you sent her and goes to the presentation page.

Once more – you could send great many possibilities to this page, and the page would change to match the individual ascribes of every one of them.

This, obviously, will make each and every one of your possibilities think the page was constructed explicitly for them.

Here are a portion of the 1000s of Customized greeting pages our initial client Deon made inside the space of minutes for 1000s of his possibilities…

This handles numerous mental points:

To begin, it is novel.

Second – it’s complimenting.

Third – it causes the possibility to feel regretful for not answering you, given how much exertion he thinks you’ve placed into this.
Presently, we should zest things up somewhat more with…
Customized Recordings!
Allow us to remember a customized video for the greeting page. And make an offer to set up a meeting with us within the video itself.

Presently, once more, every single one of your possibilities will see a video customized for them. Circling back to Jane’s model, as far as she might be concerned, the video would seem to be this:

For Imprint, it will seem to be this,

Here are a portion of the 1000s of Customized recordings our initial client Deon made inside the space of minutes for 1000s of his possibilities…

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No Month to month Charges. Organization Privileges Included. Today As it were

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This Is Simply The Beginning…
Vumu Accompanies Lots Of Advantages That You Can Appreciate!

Incorporate More Data
Express farewell to exhausting message based messages and hi to connecting with visuals that catch your crowd’s consideration.

Fabricate a Special interaction
Cause your possibilities to feel extraordinary by adding individual data about your possibilities, similar to initially name, calling, and, surprisingly, the name of their canine.

Really Captivating
Need to ensure your message is being seen, heard, and got it? Recordings are the response!

Further developed return for money invested
Customized recordings are the key to helping your profit from speculation! In addition to the fact that they have higher commitment rates, however they likewise lead to additional changes.

As opposed to composing extensive notes that require up valuable hours, you can now rapidly record a customized video message to ship off your beneficiaries.

Scale Your Effort
Try not to restrict yourself. You can contact however many possibilities as you need utilizing this hyper-personalization innovation.

Filled Schedules
Vumu makes it carelessly simple to book gatherings with possibilities that you should stop crusades.

More Income
A portion of our beta analyzers needed to stop their missions since they had an excessive number of gatherings booked. Vumu will help your income decisively in practically no time.

You Needn’t bother with To Do Or Learn ANYTHING New

Vumu Is Simple
Indeed, even a school dropout can utilize Vumu to land a gathering with anybody.

No Additional Work
You don’t need to spend additional hours before the PC screen.

No Cold pitches
Vumu removes cold pitches from the prospecting game by causing your possibilities to feel extraordinary.

No Composing Experience
You needn’t bother with any composing experience since we have pre-stacked scripts inside.

No Other Apparatus Required
At the point when you have Vumu, you needn’t bother with some other instrument to make your missions effective.